Our metal hydroxide based products are used in the manufacture of a variety of long-life, rechargeable batteries. Consumers use batteries that contain our products to power a wide range of electronic devices, including: cell phones, portable music players, handheld video games and laptop computers. In recent years, innovative developments in battery technology have enabled TODA to increase our contribution to the commercialization of hybrid electric vehicles.

Our production process uses various metal sulphate solutions as raw materials. Based on our customers’ specifications, the appropriate types and quantity of sulphate solutions are mixed with sodium hydroxide in a controlled, chemical reaction to form fine, suspended particles of metal hydroxide. With the reaction complete, the subsequent coating (not required for all products), washing and drying stages separate the spherical, metal hydroxide particles from the batch’s liquid phase. The dried hydroxide-based product is packaged and shipped to our customers in Asia and North America.

The liquid by-product of our process consists primarily of water and sodium sulphate, with some suspended metal particles. Sodium sulphate is a relatively stable salt that is highly soluble in water and naturally occurring in the Great Lakes Basin. To effectively remove any residual metal, the process wastewater is directed through three treatment stages, before being released to the local St Clair River. Testing is conducted at each stage to ensure all required parameters are met.

Producing quality re-chargeable battery materials for a cleaner, greener future.