Future Plans

With future growth and expansion in mind, in 2013, TODA Advanced Materials sought approval to increase production at their Sarnia plant to ensure the capability to meet increased production demands of customers. With modifications to the existing facility, including upgraded equipment and expanded internal waste treatment capabilities, the revamped facility will be well equipped to accommodate the increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly and energy efficient products.

The future expected production volume increase results in an increase of sodium sulphate emissions to the St Clair River and therefore an environmental due diligence study was completed to ensure no impact on the environment. The amount of sodium sulphate added to the St Clair River from TODA’s proposed increase in production at full capacity is comparable to adding 1 grain of salt dissolved in 300 bottles of water.

Ministry of Environment Request


TODA made an application to the MOE to seek approval for a change in our production method. Despite an increase in production, TODA’s concentration at discharge of treated water will not change. The discharge, containing sodium sulphate, is currently one-fifth of the provincial drinking water standard, and at levels that do not affect water quality in the St Clair River.


TODA continues to investigate newer technologies all related to the removal of sodium sulphate from water. A pilot plant was constructed to test the viability, reliability and cost effectiveness of this option. In keeping with TODA’s belief in sustainable development a detailed investigation into the economic, environmental and social impacts continue to be carefully considered.

Construction of a full scale treatment plant is also underway with expected completion in early 2017. Public consultation has been included in this process.

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