About TODA Advanced Materials Inc.

TODA Advanced Materials Inc (TAM), located in Sarnia, Ontario, is a wholly owned subsidiary of TODA Kogyo Corporation (TKC), of Hiroshima, Japan, founded in 1823.  TKC has grown to be the recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of iron oxide particles, which are essential raw materials, or integral components, of industrial and consumer products. TAM is their premier manufacturing facility designed to meet the needs of customers throughout North America and Asia.

TAM produces metal hydroxide materials for rechargeable battery manufacturers and has been in operation continuously since opening in 1999.  TKC purchased the facility, previously operated as H.C. Starck, Canada, in 2007. Today, TODA Advanced Materials operates the facility 24/7, 365 days a year. We pride ourselves on the vast experience and high level of knowledge that our employees bring to the company.


Producing quality re-chargeable battery materials for a cleaner, greener future.