Welcome to TODA Advanced Materials Inc.

TODA Advanced Materials Inc (TAM), located in Sarnia, Ontario, is one of the world’s premier locations designed to meet the emerging needs and consumer demand for cleaner, energy efficient, methods of power generation.

TODA (Sarnia) has been producing metal hydroxide materials for rechargeable battery manufacturers since 1999.

More About TODA

Environmentally Friendly

Electrical energy is the cleanest form of usable energy, the problem with electricity is matching production to fluctuating demand.  A solution is the use of Lithium ion batteries to store energy for use during peak demands. These batteries offer up to 10x more power, store the same amount of energy with only 1/10th the weight.

Quality Materials

We are recognized as a leader across the globe for our high quality products used in the manufacture of long-life rechargeable batteries.  Our process uses various metal sulphate solutions as raw materials mixed with sodium hydroxide in a controlled chemical reaction to form fine, suspended particles of metal hydroxide.


Our pilot plant provides the R&D capability to assess techniques aimed at making better and more efficient materials for use in the battery industry.  Upgraded equipment within our plant, and expanded internal waste treatment capabilities ensures that our company is ready to accommodate increased consumer demand.

Globally Integrated

Our products are used in the manufacture of a variety of long-life, rechargeable batteries. Consumers use batteries that contain our products to power a wide range of electronic devices globally from cell phones to laptop computers. Innovative developments in battery technology have enabled TODA to increase our contribution to the commercialization of hybrid electric vehicles.

Producing quality re-chargeable battery materials for a cleaner, greener future.